Wednesday, 12 November 2014

More Autumn Fun

Father and Mother Persis go on a romantic walk along a mossy path, while little brother and sister Persis discover a field full of gigantic turnips!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Autumn Outing for the Persis Family

My Persian cat family got to enjoy the outdoors wearing their new warm scarves, capes and hats! I created the little flower patch with berried from a nearby fir tree and flowers from a nearby bush. The wreath father Persis is holding is a new craft project, but it's not quite finished yet!

Grand Hotel

I thought I would start my collection with a large building, so I wouldn't have to buy lots of smaller homes! When I saw the Grand Hotel, I fell in love with it immediately.. I tried to find one on eBay, but it was difficult finding one in perfect condition that didn't sell for nearly as much as a brand new one. Then I found Cuthberts, a toy shop who was selling it online for £95, and they also had a 10% off deal - so that was an easy decision! The absolutely gigantic parcel arrived quickly, and barely fit through the door! It is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to furnish it! There is one slight problem with at the moment though, I have absolutely no space anywhere to display it... My boyfriend and I live in a very small flat and the majority of 'extra space' is already taken up by my boyfriends' war gaming/miniatures hobby. So for now the hotel will have to be stored (and taken out for photographing) - but not immediately though, I want to be able to look at it for at least a little while!

Country Bathroom Test!

Little Lucille is testing out the new Country Bathroom set for me!

Crib Bedding Craft

When I got the Persian and Ginger babies, I thought their cribs looked a little bare, so I sewed some very simple blankets with a ribbon decoration. They look much cosier now!

Winter Accessories Crafts

I made a bunch of felt winter accessories for my Persian cats family, as I planned on taking them with me on a trip to the English countryside. Mother Persis turned out slightly more Victorian-looking than I had intended, but I'm still very happy with the results!

I used my boyfriend's winter war gaming scenery for this picture (it's got to be useful for something!).

eBay Purchases

Since I started collecting a little while ago, I have been scouring eBay for good deals on furniture sets and accessories. It's possible to find good figures as well, but often they fetch nearly as much as their retail price, so it's not really worth the bother. Furniture sets are also a little bit tricky however, as there are usually many accessories included (so it's easy to overlook missing ones) and the stickers are often missing, damaged or badly applied. 

I have been quite lucky so far, I was able to get the sets below (minus the Father at Home set) all in their original boxes. The Country Bathroom set already had the stickers applied, I had to re-arrange a couple as they were in odd places, but thankfully they came off very easily. Initially I though the mirror had a slight scratch, but I discovered it in fact still had its protective film, so after peeling it off it was in perfect condition! Both the Girls Bedroom and Flower Stall set came with unopened stickers. Currently the little stand for the seed packets and magazines is still on its way to me. I didn't mind the Father at Home missing its figure, because I got it very cheaply and I am planning on getting the entire Chocolate rabbit family anyway, so I won't end up with doubles.

First Trip to SSK!

I happen to be a very lucky collector, as I discovered I only live about half an hour away from the official Sylvanian Families Storekeepers shop (20 minutes to walk and 10 minutes by bus)! About a week ago I went there for the first time on a very rainy Sunday morning. It was magical to see such a huge collection in one place, and I must have spent an hour deciding what to get! The displays were also wonderful to see and the shop assistant was very friendly. In the end I decided to get a Luxury Master Bedroom set, a Dinner Party set (on offer!), a Luxury Pram and two babies (for my Persian and Ginger cat families). I can't wait to go there again!

My First Photography

These are the first pictures I took of my Sylvanian Families. The Persian cats are my first family, they were given to me by my parents when we were shopping in Harrods during their visit to London last October. I got the Ginger cats shortly after, on my birthday, as well as the Macavity baby in a see-saw carry case and the Persian twins. Sadly I didn't realise there were open and closed-hand versions when I got the Persian cats, I would have definitely waited as I much prefer the open hand versions (much more versatility for photo shoots!). I tried to swap the Persians for an open-hand family at Sylvanian Store Keepers, but since I hadn't bought it there, and they would rather not stock the closed-hand versions either, I wasn't able to. In a way I was sort of relieved because I really wanted to keep my first family :) I might be able to find an open-hand family on eBay, so I always have open-hand 'stand-ins' available, should I need them for photos!