Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas Presents

Excuse my cat's bum in the background! She loves to get in the middle of whatever I'm doing.. This year I didn't just get one, but two Christmas sets - my Sylvanian critters got plenty of presents under their tree(s) this year! Even though I said I like the chunky Christmas tree better, this one actually looked much better than I expected. The little decorations are very nice and I hadn't noticed the wreath underneath before, which looks really cute. I think my favourite toy is the little duckling on wheels! I noticed that the Father Christmas figure is a lot darker than in the picture - does anyone know what family he belongs to?

The Chocolate and Cottontail families are also new to Hazelnut Hollow. The Cottontail family has a little baby girl and the Chocolate family have a pair of twins. The twins also come with a little bottle and dummy, which I forgot to include in the picture!


  1. Great purchases! I love the Cottontail family :3 The baby girl is adorable! I think the Christmas Bear belongs to the Marmalade Family (newer version) :D

  2. Thank you! Very happy with my first bunny families <3 Ah thanks for the answer, I might get some more Marmalade bears so Santa doesn't have to feel lonely :)

  3. Lovely little rabbits! And the Christmas bear is adorable with all the little presents under the tree! :)