Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Damara's Trip to Malta

The lovely Damara accompanied me on a trip to Malta, where we soaked up the sun, visited archaeological sites and enjoyed the beach!

On the airplane from rainy London to sunny Malta!

These two photo's were taken at the Tarxien Temples (one of four ancient sites we visited), built between 3600 - 2500 BC.

Malta is covered with beautiful wildflowers in spring time.

Damara with a statue found at one of the ancient temple sites.

Damara in Pretty Bay.

At one of Malta's sandy beaches, Golden Bay.

Posing by a fountain in the capital, Valetta.

Looking out over the Blue Grotto.

On the speedboat to Comino!

Time for a swim!

Inspecting the local flora.

At the beautiful Blue Lagoon (where we unfortunately couldn't swim due to stinging jellyfish - huge disappointment!).

Travel companion Bunny (belongs my boyfriend's mum).

Damara will soon be resuming her journey around the world - next stop: sunny California, USA!