About Hazelnut Hollow

My Sylvanian Families Universe

Tucked away in one of the oldest forests in the English countryside, stands a very, very old tree. It is rumoured to be more than a thousand years old, some say it was once planted by a wise king named Sylvan the Great. Deep inside the tree lies a long, winding passage - just big enough for a mouse to pass through. Nestled among its ancient roots and hidden from the tall, oblivious humans, is something very peculiar. If you bend down all the way to the moss covered roots, you might see a tiny wooden door. This door is the entrance to Hazelnut Hollow, one of the last remaining bastions of Sylvanians.

Sylvanians are good-natured, cheerful creatures who are always willing to lend a hand. Great numbers of Sylvanians once inhabited the vast forest of Sylvania, but as the human population rose and the forest had to give way to roads and houses, the Sylvanian population dwindled. Now there are only a few communities left, consisting of various races such as felines, rabbits and squirrels. Sylvanian critters look very much like their human-world counterparts, but they possess a greater intelligence and awareness of the world around them.

Behind the Scenes

Hazelnut Hollow is how I picture my own world of Sylvanian Families: a utopian community of anthropomorphic creatures, hidden from the human eye. On this blog I will post anything to do with my Sylvanian collection, from pictures of new purchases, to reviews, to photo shoots, to 'in-universe' stories. In the future I also hope to flesh out the history of the universe a little bit more.