My Families


Persian Cats - Persis Family (click here to see all pictures)
  • Mother: Salome Persis
  • Father: Septimus Persis
  • Brother: Nolly Persis
  • Sister: Sadie Persis
  • Baby boy: Marcus Persis
  • Twin baby girl: Rona Persis
  • Twin baby boy: Roma Persis

Ginger Cats - Baeman Family (click here to see all pictures)
  • Mother: Geraldine Baeman
  • Father: Larry Baeman
  • Brother: Boris Baeman
  • Sister: Lucille Baeman
  • Baby girl: Helly Baeman

Mr. and Mrs. Dante have adopted poor little Etcetera Macavity.

Cream Cats - Dante Family
  • Bride: Mrs. Dante
  • Groom: Mr. Dante

Celebration Cats - Macavity Family
  • Baby boy Etcetera Macavity


Grey/white Rabbits - Cottontail Family (click here to see all pictures)
  • Mother: Sorrel Cottontail
  • Father: Aaron Cottontail
  • Brother: Gromwell Cottontail
  • Sister: Willow Cottontail
  • Baby girl: Angelica Cottontail

Cream/brown Rabbits - Chocolate Family (click here to see all pictures)
  • Mother: Teri Chocolate
  • Father: Frasier Chocolate
  • Brother: Coco Chocolate
  • Sister: Freya Chocolate
  • Baby girl: Crème Chocolate
  • Twin baby girl: Breeze Chocolate
  • Twin baby boy: Kabe Chocolate

Milk Rabbits - Periwinkle Family (click here to see all pictures)
  • Mother: Kate Periwinkle
  • Father: Alex Periwinkle
  • Brother: Oliver Periwinkle
  • Sister: Rebecca Periwinkle

Woodland Creatures

Squirrels - Walnut Family
  • Mother: Yardley Walnut
  • Father: Cedric Walnut
  • Brother: Ralph Walnut
  • Sister: Saffron Walnut

Field Mice - Fielding Family
  • Mother: Bridget Fielding
  • Father: Darcy Fielding
  • Brother: Daniel Fielding
  • Sister: Helen Fielding